Patient Triage eConsultation

As mandated in our GP contract, and to meet the growing need for safe online access to health care services, the Health Centre provides patients with access to an online consultation service. With robust saftey-netting facilities and with access to medical and admin requests, we ask that patients use this service.

Some of our patients will be familiar with the eConsult service which we have been using for the last two years. Due to recent local CCG procurement decisions this has now been replaced by a new system, AccuRx Patient Triage. A very similar system, AccuRx Patient Triage is safe and easy to use, allowing you quick access to medical support and adminitrative requests such as prescription requests, fit notes, medical queries. 

For further information, FAQs and to start your Patient Triage request, read on.

What is Patient Triage?

Patient Triage is an interactive online form which patients fill in when they wish to contact the surgery. Whether you need help with an administrative matter (eg sick notes, insurance forms and letters or requests for copies of records), have a prescription enquiry or request, or wish to ask a GP or nurse a question, this is the quickest way to get help from us.

For medical queries you will initiialy be asked safety-netting questions, after which you can describe your situations and requirements. You can also attach photos should you need to. You will receive a response from the surgery in under 2 working days.


Useful Guides on Submitting a Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use an eConsultation?

Each year all surgeries have to sign a contract with the NHS agreeing to provide primary care (GP) services to the public. This contract often introduces new initiatives or services which we are obliged to offer, online consultations are one of these services.

We have found this to be a safe and efficient way to provide fully safety-netted medical and administrative support to our patients, both during the pandemic and beyond.

Studies have shown that in the long-term it is of benefit to both patients and surgery staff. Thank you for your support.

How long will it take the surgery to respond to a request?

When you submit a Patient Triage request it will tell you the processing time. We will provide a response within 2 working days, but this will often be much quicker and on the same day. 

Please remember that all of our GPs work part-time, whilst you may request a response from a particular GP, another GP may well respond in order for us to reply to you within the deadline.